This Tutorial is Deprecated Follow our Latest & Updated Guide to Install Ghost-CLI on Windows 10 Localhost

Here’s is the Step by Step Guide to Install Ghost Blogging Platform in Windows Localhost for Learning, Practice, and development.

  • First Download and Install Node.js Package –
    Download Node.js
  • Now Download Ghost CMS From this Link –
    Download Ghost CMS
  • Next, create New Folder in Local disk C Named as “Ghost.”
  • Now exact the Downloaded Ghost CMS zip pack on the Ghost Folder that you created on Local disk C
  • Now Open Node.js command prompt
  • Open the Ghost blog folder by using this below command line
CD C:\ghost  
  • Now use this below command to install Node.js pack on Ghost Folder
npm install --production  
  • wait some time for installation
  • After full Node pack installation use this below command to set up your Ghost blog on Localhost
npm start
  • now its automatically create tables and other setup’s for GHOST Blog
  • That’s all successfully we install GHOST CMS on our windows PC you can Get your localhost Ghost Blog URL in command prompt Ghost admin installation URL

Create your admin account and play with Ghost Blogging Platform

Here is My video tutorial for Ghost Installation on Windows

Video 1

Video 2

Hope this steps will help your Install GHOST on your Windows PC
if you have any doubts comment here, I will Guide you

Note – I do with this from Windows 10 same Method for other windows versions.