Recently I started using Tasker automation on my secondary device Redmi 12 5G.

Mainly I use it to unlock my mobile, Get a cricket score Update on Telegram, launch a YouTube music player and play a song automatically, and many more automation tasks.

there are many ways to trigger tasker tasks but I want to utilize my smartwatch, Alexa, and Google voice assistant device for automation
check my YouTube shorts I uploaded the video related to Tasker automations.

In this blog post, we are going to see how I use the Alexa Echo device to trigger my tasker tasks.


  • Android device
  • Tasker and Autovoice app from Google play store
  • Alexa echo device or any device with Alexa support


  • First, create a New task in Tasker for example I created a Task to wake up my device lock screen
  • Click the plus icon and open the select action category "search notify" > you can see the action notify > choose it


  • Now create a simple Notify alert to wake up a lock screen
  • Add title, text and set priority to 5 (Maximum) and save it
  • Again select the Action category "search say" > choose Say action > Add some text for the voice command after waking up the lock screen


  • Save the task


  • Goto profile and create an event to trigger the tasker task
  • in select event category > choose plugin > Autovoice > Recognized
  • Open configuration > Commands > add your trigger command for example I added the unlock word as my assistant command


  • Next in response add some random reply message for the assistant
  • Save and link this event to the Lock screen wakeup tasker task
  • That's all our tasker creation part is over

How it works?

  • Open Alexa app
  • Goto skills and search Autovoice skill
  • install it and link your Amazon account
  • Done now it's ready to trigger the tasker task

Now use this command in Alexa to trigger the tasker task "Hey Alexa ask Autovoice to unlock" Alexa confirms this voice command with the random reply message we gave while creating the event.
Next, it triggers the tasker task it wakes up my lock screen with a voice message.