Ya, you can Hide Yellow background on Adsense Ads.Some WordPress themes and blogger theme’s Displaying the Yellow Background on the Adsense Ads due to smaller space, page alignments and From My knowledge, Most of the WordPress theme Having ins tag for Boxes Like special Announcement Box with a yellow background.

Google ad also has the ins tag in their code, so It displaying the yellow background on the Ads.

Solution to Remove Yellow Background

Here is the solution for this.Add this below CSS code on your website to Fix the Yellow background on Adsense Ads.

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }  

background: transparent – Remove the Yellow background and display the transparent background

FAQ About this Method

we are not modifying our AdSense code we Just Apply the CSS rule for Hiding the Ad placement background color.you can use this CSS without any issue 🙂

Hope it will Help you to understand why the Yellow background on our AdSense ad’s and the CSS Code will help you display the transparent background on your Ad’s

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